Prinsenhof Remix

100% circulair hergebruik bestaand gebouw

Location: Arnhem, Netherlands
Completion: Research 2020
Client: Province Gelderland and RVB
Program: offices, housing, facilities
Sector: reuse, remix, circular design
Size: appr. 6000 m2
Image credits: reA

In the city of Arnhem the Prinsenhof area houses a cluster of governmental institutes, with among them the House of Province, the Courthouse and Cityhall. The cluster is being transformed into a more lively part of town and the buildings are renovated. Right in the centre an office building has to be removed to create the desired urban quality. Commissioned by the Province and the RVB (State Real Estate Company) reA has done an elaborate design research for the possible re-use of the building elements, predominantly consisting of prefabricated and loadbearing concrete walls and floors. The remix projects involve an inner city apartment building with an multifunctional plinth, a new and up-to-date office building, single family social housing and a thematic pavilion. The research will inspire the different stakeholders and show the feasibility and flexibility of the concept of REMIXPROJECT, leading eventually to the definition of the ‘real’ project.

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