Koepel, urban design.

Stedenbouwkundig Plan Koepelterrein

Location: Haarlem, Netherlands
Completion: 2022
Client: DUWO, Elan Wonen, Panopticum, HBB
Program: student housing, social housing, facilities
Sector: urban design, transformation
Size: 25.000 m2
Partners: FARO and HOSPER

The very characteristic Dome prison in Haarlem was erected around 1900. Apart from the Dome , being the Penal Prison, the complex  consists of a separate jailhouse, various auxiliary buildings and of course the perimeter wall. All these structures are listed as monumental buildings. In 2014 the prison lost its function and was sold by the State. The new owner, Panopticon Foundation, has the goal to erect a new university inside the Dome itself. The area around the Dome is to be transformed in a lively city campus, with housing for the students and several facilities as an hotel, cantina and a convenience store. This campus will be developed in collaboration with student housing corporation DUWO, for 250 units, and Elan Wonen for 100 social housing units. Together with all public facilities inside the Dome, such as the movie house, the area will change from an enclosed and introverted complex into an inviting and intriguing part of the city.

reA is also responsible for the renovation of the Dome prison, in collaboration with Architectenbureau J. van Stigt BV.